Snetterton Race Track April 7th 2018

First Race of 2018

As this was the first race of 2018 we tested Mary Jane on the Friday as the track had a open test session and the car had not be run on a track since November 2017 at Brands Hatch.  Over the winter we have fitted new wheels and rubber to the car updated the fire system and finished a few tidy up bits we needed to get completed. Two test session on the Friday and the car ran well with no issues. It was a dry for both sessions with some very nice cars on the track .

Saturday qualifying went very well but we were last on the grid. This was expected as we are the only 1600 SC car on this grid and down 200 bhp to the guys at the front of the grid running the BMW M3's. Aston and Honda Type R.  

The race in the afternoon was in the dry. A rolling start after one warm up lap you go. I took the first stint and we would change around 10 - 15 mins in to give David a good run in the car. As we were so down on power by the time I had hit the gas the pack were well away but coming around the first corner as often happens a car had spun on cold rubber and I was already up one place. I knew based on the lap times I had three laps to run my race before a M3 BMW would come flying past and then would be followed by the pack. 

From that point on it was going to always be about running a race for the little car and not getting in the big guys way.

David took over after my lap 9 almost as soon as the pit window was open. A slow change over as we have some work to do on this on getting the safety belts set for David. Great help from Lee and Peter to get David in the car and we were back in the chase.

Now while our little car is down on power we have reliability. So with other cars posting DNF and one running out of fuel on the last lap with some great driving from David for the second stint we got little Mary Jane to 16 out of the 26 that started and a First in Class.

As my first real race and against cars with so much power advantage I have to say I am very very pleased. Car is 100% ready for Silverstone, we can work on the belts issue and then time to give Mary Jane some more POWER!!!!.

Clive & David